November, a month when Thanksgiving celebrations quickly give way to Christmas preparations, can be rough on the family budget. With parties to attend, shopping to do, and holiday cooking and baking to begin, it's easy to spend more money than expected. But with a little ingenuity, you can also find plenty of ways for your family to save.

1. Host a potluck Thanksgiving.

Love to entertain? You can still invite everyone over, but ask them to bring a dish to share. You'll enjoy less cooking — and less cleanup. Many grocery stores also run free turkey promotions before Thanksgiving for shoppers who spend a certain amount; check with your local retailer to take advantage of this potential deal.

2. Shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

If you're willing to do your homework (and fight the in-store crowds) these two days bring some stellar deals on items you would probably purchase anyway. Check out Black Friday 2013 at for all the latest information.

Looking for even bigger savings? Shop on Thanksgiving Day; reports that the holiday tops even Black Friday in terms of the best deals.

3. Use seasonal decorations from nature.

The aisles of the home decor stores are certainly tempting, but you can achieve the fall or holiday-themed look for a lot less. Gather acorns, twigs, and leaves for a festive Thanksgiving table, or snag some leftover Halloween pumpkins to create a beautiful harvest scene.

4. Take advantage of the Halloween hangover.

Retailers are eager to move Halloween costumes, decor, and candy off of store shelves, so give them a hand and stock up for next year. You can often score savings of about 75% off the original price.

5. Stock up on baking supplies.

You may spend more initially, but you'll save in the long run if you buy flour, sugar, and other baking supplies as the holidays are approaching. Retailers offer excellent discounts to motivate shoppers, and these shelf-stable products can often last you until next year if you plan carefully.

6. Cash in on old clothes.

Have your kids outgrown last year's coats and winter clothes? Before you head out to buy new ones, take the ones that no longer fit to your local retail or consignment store. Many will pay cash on the spot, or offer credit you can use to purchase the new stuff you need.

7. Set a holiday budget.

If you haven't done this already, do it now. The number one way to save money during the month of December? Start preparing during November.

How do you save money during the month of November? Will you shop on Thanksgiving Day?