When your child has a special need, your home quickly fills up with expensive therapy products. But there are fun (and often inexpensive) toys available to help with everything from fine motor skills to sensory issues. This holiday season, when relatives ask you what to get your child, be ready with some great ideas.

1. The Toddler Sensory Table will help stimulate your child's senses through play with water, beans, or any other sensory items you want to place in the tub. This table is at a toddler's height making it the perfect spot for you to engage and communicate with your child.

2. Whacky Ball Activity Center is brightly colored and is sure to provide loads of fun. Plus, it helps develop your child's visual tracking, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and hand and finger dexterity.

3. Teachable Touchable Texture Squares help your child develop tactile awareness, communication, and vocabulary. The 10 different pairs of textured pillows are perfect for small hands and come along with tips for tons of fun.

4. The Point to Happy Book was created by the grandmother of a boy on the autism spectrum. The parent reads and the child uses the pointer to point to the correct picture. It helps with focus and expressing wants, needs, and emotions.

5. Edushape Touch and Match uses a textured card and matching shape to help children develop fine motor skills and matching skills. It also helps with shape recognition and comes in a handy carrying case.

6. Arches and Tunnels will help your child develop her motor skills while learning about directional cues such as over, under, and through.

7. Twist and Sort will not only help your child learn colors and shapes, but aids in the development of her fine motor skills as she maneuvers the shapes to fit over the pegs. It also helps with coordination and muscle development.

There are even more fun, therapeutic toys available to help your child develop skills. You can find some great suggestions at AblePlay, in the Toys R Us Differently-Abled Guide and at Fun and Function. Happy Shopping!