Moms take care of the entire family, but all too often, we completely forget to take care of ourselves. Get in the habit of prioritizing these simple self-care habits, so that you can feel rested in mind and body, and better able to confront the daily demands of family life.

1. Drink a glass of water every morning. Ideally, with lemon.

You probably think of coffee as the ideal morning pick-me-up, but a glass of room temperature lemon water offers a number of benefits for your health.

2. Add several more glasses of water throughout the day.

Many moms suffer from mild dehydration without ever realizing it. Keep a water bottle or large mug with a straw close by at all times, and remind yourself to hydrate regularly. If you don't like the plain taste of the water, try adding fruit, cucumber, or a lime wedge for a refreshing twist.

3. Make time for friendships.

Can't make Girl's Night Out a regular thing? Opt for the occasional phone call or even text message to stay in touch. Conversations with people who understand our dilemmas and know how to cheer us on are crucial to keeping a positive attitude when you're dealing with the stress of everyday life.

4. Schedule routine check-ups.

You make them for your kids, now be sure to make them for yourself. Schedule a dental exam every 6 months, and keep up with potentially life-saving procedures like mammograms and pap smears too.

5. Take a bath.

Instead of falling into bed at the end of a long day, run a hot bath, add some epsom salts to draw out toxins, light a few candles, and soak in the tub for at least 10 minutes. It may not be a day at the spa, but your muscles will benefit from the relaxation and you'll get a better night's sleep too.

6. Keep nourishing foods nearby.

Food affects how we feel and function, so eating the leftover mac and cheese off your children's plates and calling it dinner isn't smart. You're more likely to snack on junk when you don't have healthier options close at hand, so stock your fridge and pantry with satisfying foods like nuts with good-quality cheeses, roasted vegetables, fresh fruits with yogurt dip and your favorite healthy snack mixes.

7. Treat yourself occasionally.

Keep a stash of your favorite dark chocolates where the kids can't find it, and enjoy a few pieces when you're feeling low. Keep an expensive bottle of your favorite wine for occasions when you really need it. Or splurge on a new wardrobe piece that you know you will feel great in and wear constantly. However you choose to treat yourself occasionally, skip the guilt and know that you deserve it. And that you will be a better mom because of it.

Moms, do you take time for self-care? What are your simple solutions for taking care of yourself?