When President Obama signed spending bill HR 933 into law in March, it was primarily to avoid a government shutdown. But as is often the case in politics, there was language buried deep within the bill that will bar federal courts and local governments from being able to protect consumers from potentially harmful genetically engineered crops.

Opponents of the bill have dubbed it the "Monsanto Protection Act" and a petition is now circulating, asking Congress to repeal this dangerous legislation. Here's why you should sign it:

1. To protect our nation's food supply.

Monsanto may describe itself as a company that is all about "sustainable agriculture," but the outrageous corporate handout they're receiving from this bill proves otherwise. Essentially, Monsanto will have the power to plant and sell genetically modified seeds, and the courts will have NO power to stop them if this bill is not repealed.

2. To fight back against dirty politics.

"The 'Monsanto Protection Act' is an outrageous attempt by biotech giants like Monsanto and Dupont to further consolidate control of our nation's food supply," says Dave Murphy, Executive Director of Food Democracy Now! "For too long, Americans have been kept in the dark about the food that we eat and the science behind it because our elected officials are in the pockets of Monsanto."

Is this how we want decisions about our nation's food and agriculture to be made? I think not.

3. To make our voices heard.

Corporations like Monsanto have a long history of putting the almighty dollar ahead of the consumers they supposedly serve, and we need to tell them in no uncertain terms that they can't bully their way into getting what they want. These big companies need to realize that dirty politics and underhanded tactics will not go unnoticed by the American people. If we're lucky, maybe next time they'll think twice.

4. Because we don't know that GMOs are safe.

We hear a lot about the dangers of GMOs, but as of now, there is no conclusive evidence that they are truly dangerous to our health. However, as more and more research is conducted, it is entirely possible that this may change in the future. If the Monsanto Protection Act remains a law, the company will still be able to use GMOs even if they are proven unsafe — and nobody will have the power to stop them.

5. Because we deserve to know what we're feeding our kids.

I'm a parent who reads labels. Sometimes I don't understand them, and sometimes I buy products even when I know they aren't the healthiest (hello, Oreo cookies), but at least I have all the facts. Whether you're for or against GMOs, all parents deserve to know if and when we're feeding them to our children. The choice is ours to make. It should never be made by lobbyists and corporations.

6. Because principle matters.

Personally, I don't care about the science behind GMOs, and I don't need a study to tell me if they're good or bad. Messing with Mother Nature is always risky business. Without even knowing that much about it, I fully support the petition to repeal the Monsanto Protection Act on principle. Any company that presumes to be above the laws of our country and the laws of nature is one that needs to be stopped.

7. Because it sets a dangerous legal precedent.

If the Monsanto Protection Act remains a law, federal courts will be stripped of their authority to halt the sale and planting of potentially hazardous GMO crops. As Food Democracy Now reports, "this represents not only a real risk to our food crops, but also to our democratic process, including judicial review." Allowing any company to circumvent laws designed to protect us all sets an incredibly dangerous precedent.

And no matter how you feel about GMOs, do you really want to live in a country where anyone — giant corporation or not — is above the law? I didn't think so.

Are you ready to sign the petition to repeal the Monsanto Protection Act? What are you waiting for?