Holiday break is just a few weeks away, and while it provides you and your child with a welcome respite from the school grind, it can also be a minimal setback for your child’s schoolwork flow.

Think about it — for the past three months or so your son or daughter has been locked in and focused on getting their homework done and succeeding in the classroom. Now, they’re about to get two weeks off from their routine and schedule. How will that affect their work ethic and how long will it take them to get back on track once school starts back up?

That means that you, as a parent, need to be on the lookout for warning signs of ennui or lack of desire regarding their classwork. You also should schedule a meeting with your child’s teacher to get an idea about what they need to be working on and any long-term projects that they can get done now.

Here are a few questions and topics to discuss with your child’s teacher in preparation for the holiday break:

1. What’s Due Soon?

Basically, you want to know projects your child might have in the pipeline at school that you can carve out some time to work on during the break. Things are bound to get extremely hectic once classes resume in January, so any work that you can get done now, will be a bonus.

2. Is There Work to Catch Up On?

Does your child have any assignments or work that needs to be done during that break to catch them up with their peers? Sometimes things get overlooked and work needs to be caught up on. This is the perfect time to do it.

3. Can They Work Ahead?

It’s possible that your child is exactly where they need to be in the classroom and with their classwork. That doesn’t mean that your child should just coast the rest of the way. Ask your child’s teacher if there is work that can be accomplished over the break to help your son get a leg up.

4. Are There Tests They Can Prepare For?

Are there are any major tests coming up either for the class they’re in or for state testing? If so, maybe you can design some study habits to help them prepare.

5. Are There Any Current Behavioral Issues?

You will probably have received a heads up from your child’s teacher if there are behavioral issues that are plaguing your child. But it’s still worth discussing with your child’s teacher if there are areas where their behavior could improve. This could be an area to work on during the holiday break. Also, you might be able to encourage better behavior from your child by reminding them of all the rewards coming their way during the holidays.

6. What Are the Upcoming Class Topics?

Once armed with this information, you can build some of these topics into your daily routine at home. It’s possible you can find shows, books, or articles to share with your child that can help them get a head start on upcoming work. 

7. How Can We Keep Them Engaged During Break?

If you’re having trouble finding ways to keep your child motivated and engaged, this is a good time to inquire with your child’s teacher on ways to do that. Children react differently to teachers and other adults than they do with their parents. However, maybe there are some tips the teacher can share concerning what works to motivate your child.

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