Yard work! You love having a yard for your kids to run around in, but with that glorious yard comes responsibilities. Turns out, you don't have to go it alone. Your kids can help, and after the initial pushback, they might even have fun.


Water the Plants. Just about every child will love this. Make it fun by using a watering can or the hose. Just be prepared to get wet.

Plant Flowers. Even preschoolers can use a small shovel to dig holes and place flowers inside. Of course they'll need a bit of help, but that just makes for a great moment of bonding.

School-Age Kids

Rake the Leaves. This might be a tough sell, but if you promise them a jump or two in the pile, they might just willingly rack the leaves. Plus you'll get a great photo opportunity.

Pick up Branches. Children ages 6 and older can handling cleaning up small yard debris such as small branches and even trash that may have blown into your yard. Let them wear gloves and they might just feel super important.

Weeding. As long as you explain to your child which ones are weeds and which are your favorite plants that you in no way want to see plucked from the earth, your school-aged child can help you with the weeding.

Tweens and Teens

Mow the Lawn. Tweens and teens can do all of the above, plus they can help you mow the lawn. Kids younger than age 16 can use a push mower. And those 16 and older can use the ride-on mower. You can sit back and supervise with a cold drink. Just make sure all pets and little kids are inside.

Saw Dead Branches. That extra responsible older child can even saw off dead tree and bush limbs. Just make sure they learn how to use the saw first, and stay away from power saws. A handheld one is just fine. And of course, keep distractions at bay by keeping the other kids away. Use your best judgement on this one.

Handing off yard work responsibilities will take a load off your back. Whether or not you give your child an allowance for their hard work is up to you, but he or she will benefit either way.