Planning a Halloween party? Do you want it to be about more than the costumes and sugar fest? Halloween parties are great fun for everyone at any age as long as you keep your guests laughing with some creative games. From all-time classics to twists on the original, there is seriously spooky (or not-so-spooky) fun to be had.

Bobbing for Apples

Children and adults alike have been enjoying this classic came for a few hundred years at least. It's easy. It's fun. It's kind of messy. What's not to love? Just set up a big tub of water, toss in some apples, and bob. For younger kids, choose smaller apples and leave the stems on to make the game a bit easier. Be sure to keep the tub up off the ground a bit so that no one ends up with wet knees. And don't forget the towels for drying off.

Bobbing for Spiders

This game offers a creepy twist on an old classic. Using a donut hole as the body of the spider, and licorice for legs, thread string through the center of the spiders to hang them. Your guests must eat the spider off the string and the first one to do so is the winner.

Pop the Pumpkin

What kid wouldn't love popping balloons and having candy fall out? All the thanks for this game go to Martha Stewart. It's decorative and fun. Create a large pumpkin on the wall out of orange balloons filled with confetti and candy. Kids can take turns popping the balloons with darts and watching the pumpkin explode balloon by balloon.

Pin the Face on the Pumpkin

Last year, we were introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkinhead. And they were a hit with my kids. This year, make it a game by playing Pin the Face on the Pumpkin. Using cutout felt faces, have children try to stick eyes, noses, mouths, and anything else on their pumpkin while blindfolded. There will be tons of giggles over the silly faces, and children can and will play this game over and over.

Pumpkin Bowling

If you've got a pumpkin and some old plastic bottles, you've got all you need to play pumpkin bowling. Just set them up and let your guests knock 'em down. Or, you could set up some tall squashes and knock those down with either a pumpkin or a ball. Then make some squash soup for dinner. Have separate prizes for strikes and spares.


It's Halloween, right? You have to have some candy on hand, but why not make the kids work for it this year? Get a spooky piñata at your local party store, hang it up, and let the kids go to town trying to make it rain candy.

Mummy Wrap

All you need for this game is some cheap toilet paper and a bunch of party guests. Split your guests into teams of 2 or 3. Hand them a few rolls of toilet paper and start the clock. Give them a few minutes to dress one of them up like a mummy. Then teams can vote on who creates the most realistic, scariest mummy.

Any of these games will be perfect for your Halloween party. Just be sure to have prizes on hand to award the winners, and you'll be on your way to throwing the best Halloween party of the year.