Super Bowl 46 is taking place in Indianapolis this year on Sunday, February 5th. Whether or not you are a die-hard football fan, watching the game together can be a fun family event. So here are 7 excellent ideas for a family-friendly Super Bowl party!

1. Give Them Someone to Cheer For!

Even kids who don't know anything about either team will have more fun watching the game if they decide in advance who they want to cheer for. Make your TV viewing room festive by finding some images of each team's logo online, printing them on paper, and cutting the pictures into triangle shapes (point at the bottom). Using tape or clothespins, hang the triangles from a string to create your own team banner!

2. Create a Fun Super-Bowl Menu — and Make It a Tradition

We serve the same food every year at our party: take-out pizza and chicken wings. The grown ups usually enjoy this with beer, while the kids are treated to this fun party punch:

Kids' Party Punch

Fill a large bowl halfway with Hawaiian Punch and add 7-Up until the bowl is ¾ full. Stir in one can of orange juice concentrate (found in the frozen foods section of the grocery store), and then top with scoops of rainbow sherbet. Gently stir and then enjoy!

3. Mix It Up — Allow Them to Eat Dinner in Front of the TV

Treat this as a special occasion and allow the kids to sit on the floor in front of the TV to eat their pizza and wings.This is not something we normally allow at our house — which is why it is so much fun. I suggest putting down a old sheet or picnic blanket, and remember to corral the dog so he doesn't swipe their food that is now being consumed at his level! And have lots of napkins handy.

4. Sing the National Anthem

When the national anthem is played, have everyone stand up and remove their hats to sing along — just as you would if you were actually at the game!

5. Don't Expect Younger Ones to Get into the Game, But You Can Tell Them That the Commercials Are the Real Main Event!

Not everyone loves the football game itself; younger children and even adults can become bored. But the real entertainment value lies in the commercials! And while many of them may advertise products not appropriate for kids (Bud Light, for example), the commercials are often funny and silly and kids get a huge kick out of them!

6. Make a Super Bowl Cake!

It's not a party unless there's cake, right? The Super Bowl cake featured above is one that we have been making for years. (And sometimes it's not even a cake — it's made from a pan of rice krispie treats!) The little football players are made from Teddy Grahams decorated with a little bit of icing to look like shirts, and more icing is used to pipe on the players' numbers and to line the field! We created field goals out of pipe cleaners. It's not the pretties cake I've ever made… but it is our family tradition nonetheless.

7. Set Some Bedtime Expectations Up Front

Keep in mind that it is a school night, and the game does start after 6 p.m. if you live on the East Coast. So consider cutting off game-watching at half-time. That way, you can avoid any inappropriate half-time costume malfunctions!