Still looking for the perfect centerpiece to grace your Thanksgiving table? Stop striving for perfection and get your kids involved instead! We've rounded up 7 Thanksgiving centerpieces that are so simple your kids can help you make them โ€” but also nice enough that you'll be proud to display them at dinner.

1. The Goofy Gourd Gang

This is not your standard Thanksgiving centerpiece โ€” but The Goofy Gourd Gang is fun to both make and admire. Kids of all ages will love the opportunity to create goofy characters out of something as boring as a gourd.

2. A Cake Stand Filled With Nature's Beauty

Have a glass cake stand on hand? Collect seasonal items like pine cones, acorns, mini pumpkins, and fall leaves from either outdoors or the craft store, and then arrange them on the cake plate. Top with the glass lid, and voila!, a festive and super-simple centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

3. A Turkey Bouquet

What can decorate a Thanksgiving table better than a turkey? A Turkey Bouquet! With a few artificial sunflowers, some card stock, and a pile of googly eyes, you and your children can create "turkey flowers," and then arrange them in a vase or jug to make a festive Thanksgiving bouquet. At the end of the meal, give each family member or guest their own individual turkey flower to take home.

4. A Pumpkin Vase

Yet another way to use nature's bounty and avoid cheap, pre-made centerpieces? Make a pumpkin vase. Simply hollow out the center of a pumpkin, and then fill it with various seasonal items you've collected. For a more impressive centerpiece, do this with several pumpkins of varying size.

5. A Native American Family

This art project-turned-centerpiece requires little more than some paper towel holders and construction paper, and is a nice way to remember the Native Americans at the first Thanksgiving.

If you make A Native American Family for your table, consider turning the activity into a teachable moment, and talk with your kids about some of the myths and stereotypes surrounding Native American cultures (which are particularly prominent this time of year).

6. A Thankful Turkey

This Thankful Turkey from Create Craft Love may require a little more work for parents, but it's a nice way to get your kids thinking about what they're thankful for this holiday season. Foam balls and brown yarn form the base of the turkey, and then you get to write what you're thankful for on each of the turkey's construction paper feathers.

Even toddlers and preschoolers who can't write yet can get involved โ€” just have them draw pictures on the turkey's feathers of the things that make them thankful and happy.

7. A Turkey Cake

Prefer your turkey centerpiece to be edible? Bake a Turkey Cake! Depending on the ages of your children, Mom or Dad may have to bake the actual cake, but kids will have a blast decorating it to look like a turkey using candy corn and other seasonal candies.

Do you make a Thanksgiving centerpiece for your table? Do your kids help?