Short on time and cash? I've got ideas that will cover everyone on your list. The bonus is, most of these won't cost a fortune to ship.

Easy Delicious Homemade Fudge

This is frugal, fun, and easy enough you can let your kids help you. Melt a bag of chocolate chips on low heat in a sauce pan and add in a can of frosting. Then pour the mix into an aluminum-lined baking dish. When it cools, you have the tastiest fudge around. Crumble peppermint sticks on top before it hardens to add a designer touch, or dollop blobs of peanut butter on the top and take a butter knife to swirl it into patterns. Also, you can use peanut butter chips or peppermint chips instead of chocolate to add a variety of flavors. You can change up the frosting flavors as well. Cut into pieces, wrap in holiday cellophane and tie with a pretty ribbon and send it out as gifts.

Handcrafted Hot Cocoa With Marshmallows

You can make your own marshmallows (it's easier than you think, I promise), and since they weigh almost nothing, shipping is dirt cheap. Add a packet of hot cocoa mix and a mug and you've got yourself one fancy present. Personalize the mug with a picture of your kids, or check out a local thrift store and get a holiday mug for 50 cents.

Homemade S'more Kits

You can be as fancy as you want to be, without getting spendy. Take your homemade marshmallows, make some homemade graham crackers, add a chocolate bar or two and you've got homemade s'mores ready to go. Here's a great packaging idea — very fancy, although, I'm not sure how shipping would work with this.

Homemade Puzzles

Encourage your little artists to really explore their inner Van Gogh and Van Gogh crazy by making your own puzzles for friends, cousins, even grandparents, who can frame and hang their prize. This is great for teens, too. I can just see grandma hanging a gothic skull and crossbones puzzle over her dinning room table. Hey, that's true support, right?

Homemade Crayons

Get your grade school kids in the kitchen and have a crayon melting party. Print off some coloring sheets you can download for free and staple them together to make a custom coloring book. Send them off with crayons in shapes and colors that you guys designed. Even college kids can get a kick out of this gift coming from a young niece or nephew. I love the space invader shaped crayons, by the way.

Homemade Fake Makeup

I love this idea for little girls. It's cheap, and very pretty. You just use nail polish and let it dry for a few days in the containers. You can check out this idea for girl's fake makeup, and get inspired.

Homemade No-Sew Fleece Blanket

I don't sew. I saw this no-sew fleece blanket tutorial and almost panicked when I saw the sewing ruler. But I took a deep breath and walked it out. This is simple and a very good project to do with your 8-year-old. Then send it off to that new holiday baby on your list. Shipping won't be much because it's a baby blanket. Added bonus: looks pretty fancy.

Hopefully, you're less overwhelmed and have a few ideas to play with this season. Who knows, maybe this is the Christmas you end up in the black.

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