Fall has arrived and your budget is not really looking forward to the next few months of holiday shopping. You want to be able to give, and give generously. Now would be a good time to start saving money in anticipation of your immediate and future expenses.

1. Buy Seasonal Produce

Each season provides us with its own array of delicious treats. For instance, in the fall, we get apples, pumpkins, and squash. Because of this abundance of certain fruits and veggies, it’s a great time to stock up. Apples keep for a long time, especially in the fridge, plus you can make and freeze apple sauce to eat later. You can also make mashed squash and freeze it for future meals. Asparagus is also cheaper in October. Stocking up will give you these side dish options later in the year without having to spend the money after prices go up.

2. Pay Attention to Grocery Sales

Did you know that October is National Pizza Month? That means there will be sales and coupons you can use to your advantage to stock up on frozen pizza for those busy nights to come.

3. Celebrate Columbus

Or at least take advantage of the sales on Columbus Day Weekend. You’re still going to be able to find some super cheap prices on summer clothes that you can put away for next summer. Plus, appliances, cars, patio furniture, outdoor toys, furniture, and electronics will be deeply discounted. Columbus Day Weekend is also a great time to get travel deals, so if you want to see your family for the holidays but can’t afford it, consider taking a trip in October instead.

4. Winterize Your Home

Heating bills can cost you a small fortune starting in October when temperatures start to drop. Save yourself some cash by taking a few small steps to winterize your home. Use caulk to fill in gaps in the siding, windows, and doors. Buy some low cost plastic film window insulating kits. Replace the filters in your heating unit. Purchase sweep strips for your exterior doors. Each of these costs a small amount of money that will help lower those heating costs. Check out WiseBread’s 7 DIY Tips to Winterize Your Home for Cheap for more ideas.

5. Skip the Expensive Fun

You don’t need to visit expensive kid spots to have a blast this fall. Try apple picking, pumpkin picking, hiking, and other outdoor fun to save cash and spend some quality time with your kids.

6. Apply for College Scholarships

Most scholarship deadlines come around in October and surprisingly, there are millions of dollars in scholarship funds that are never used because either no one applied or they didn’t apply on time. Check out Big Future for more information.

7. Make Halloween DIY

Skip the pricey costumes and either make your own or just dig into the dress up box of items you already own. Chances are you have princess outfits and doctor coats and all sorts of dress up gear your kids can choose from. If that’s not an option, you can swap costumes with friends and family. And when Halloween is over, hit the sales for next year.

You can always find ways to save money, no matter the month. Keep that bank account high and your wallet full!