This is a guest post by Megan Wild.

Daddy’s girl. No two words have ever melted a grown man’s heart so completely. The love between a daughter and her dad is something very special. When it comes to celebrating that love, nothing beats a Daddy and daughter date! Save the manicures for Mom. Here are some great ideas for bonding with your little one in a way that is fun for everyone.

1. The Zoo

There’s something special about the way children bond with animals, and that makes the zoo a great date destination. Sharing the wonders and expansive variety of life on planet Earth is a great way to bond. A love of animals and respect for diversity is something she can carry with her for the rest of her life.

Make It Memorable: Point out the unique traits of each animal and teach her why those features are important to the species. Tie it back in to how each and every person is unique and special in their own way and tell her which special traits you love about her.

2. A Museum

Children are naturally curious and love to learn, especially about things that happened long ago or in faraway lands. A museum is the perfect place to cultivate this sense of natural wonder. Does she have a fascination with space? A planetarium will be captivating to her. The possibilities are endless, and can be catered to her current interests or chosen to explore new ones.

Make It Memorable: Talk to her about the different careers associated with what you see. Does she want to be an astronaut when she grows up? An artist? A scientist? Let her know the sky is the limit when it comes to her future and that you are there to support her dreams. 

3. A Concert

Kids love music right from birth, and live music is intrinsically engaging. You can take your daughter to a see a group she knows and loves, or you can use the live venue to expand her musical horizons. Playing classical music on the car stereo may get you groans from the backseat, but nothing is more impressive than a symphony orchestra performing in an outdoor colosseum. If age appropriate, take her to see your own favorite band.

Make It Memorable: Ask her what kinds of music she likes and why. Ask her how music makes her feel. Offer to get her music or voice lessons.

4. An Amusement Park

Being at the amusement park may make you feel like a kid again! Exciting rides, games of chance, and more junk food than you can stomach make for a child’s paradise. Become her hero as you win the giant panda bear while playing the balloon pop game. Teach her to face her fears as she conquers rides that look scary. Be sure to indulge in cotton candy and ice cream, but don’t tell Mom! It can be your little secret.

Make It Memorable: Teach her how to shoot a basketball or throw a dart in games of chance. Hold her tight on a scary ride. Share your favorite childhood memories with her while you enjoy an ice cream cone.

5. Hang Out at a Farm

If you’re in the city, a farm is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle and have some TLC time. It’s a great way to introduce your child to farm animals, and even peak their interest in the industrial aspects of farming that you usually wouldn’t get to see. Kids will be fascinated to see how their food goes from farm to table and see the applications of equipment — such as how a farmer waters their land and animals. If you contact the farmer ahead of time, they may also offer to walk you through the farm and give you a mini-tour of their operations.

Make It Memorable: Take photos with the animals you find, or inside the orchard that you stumble upon. Then head home to cook or bake using ingredients you got at the farm!

6. A Crafting Class

Crafting classes are a great way for you and your child to explore new hobbies. Try a kid-friendly painting class or check out a pottery studio like Color Me Mine. Local craft stores often hold classes, and even Home Depot has kid-friendly workshops on the weekends. Mix it up and try different things. You just may help your daughter discover a lifelong artistic passion.

Make It Memorable: Create something together that you can proudly display at home. It will be a fond memory of your date together every time you look at it.

7. A Fun Run

A love of fitness is something that should be instilled early and reinforced often. Most kids won’t be interested in tedious workout routines, but fun runs — and training for them — provides an entertaining way to get both your hearts pumping. Kid-centric fun runs are popping up everywhere. From holiday-themed runs to color runs to mud runs with obstacle courses, you are sure to find an event that suits your child’s fitness and interest level.

Make It Memorable: Pick a fun run date in the near future and then design a training plan to help get you both ready for it. Your daddy/daughter date just turned into a dozen or more dates.

All your daughter really needs to feel special is your undivided attention. No matter what activity you choose, put the phone on silent and act like she’s the only girl in the world.

Megan Wild is the baby of her family, consequently making her the trouble-maker and dreamer. She learned how to do home improvement projects with the help of her dad, and now writes about her adventures on her blog, Your Wild Home.

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