This is a guest post by Sophie Davidson.


Easter is fast approaching and you know what that means - plenty of chocolate, bunnies, egg hunts and Easter baskets! If you’re wondering how to get your children excited about the holidays, a gift basket is a great way of doing so. Below are some ideas to create Easter gift baskets that children will instantly fall in love with.

1. Swap Chocolate for Books

If you’d like to opt for a healthier gift basket, ditch the chocolate eggs and provide your child with a basket full of Easter-related books; they’ll last a lot longer than the chocolate will! According to Bustle, the Scholastic’s fifth Kids and Family Reading Report revealed that half of all kids ages six to 17 are currently reading a book for fun, and 83% say they enjoy being read to by parents.

2. A Garden-Themed Basket

Celebrate the arrival of spring with a garden-themed Easter basket. This is a great way of getting children outdoors and interested in gardening. You can fill it with seeds, small plants, mini tools, and some simple toys. You don’t need to use a basket either; you could use a plant pot or a small bucket to keep with the gardening theme.

3. A Basket Full of Sweet Treats

If you’d like to stick with the classic Easter basket of chocolate candy, why not make it different this year and include lots of handmade chocolates, biscuits, and treats? You can use icing to write the children’s names on the top of their favorite TV character, and wrap them with cellophane and ribbons to make them look extra special.

4. A Craft Basket

Gather together lots of craft materials and place in a wicker basket. Give your child a list of activities to do throughout the day using the craft materials and at the end of each project, reward them with a small chocolate egg of their choice. You could include everything from painting eggs and making bunny masks to garden games such as ‘Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny!’ shares some fantastic craft ideas for kids to enjoy.

5. An Egg Hunt Basket

If you’re hosting an Easter egg hunt party for the kids at home, why not make personalized baskets so they can take them to keep afterwards? You can add name tags, attach blue or pink ribbons, and include a sheet with clues on ready for the hunt.

6. A Basket Full of Art

Add a sketchbook, some finger paints, and plenty of paper to make an artsy gift basket. Give your children some ideas for Easter drawings and tell them that the winner will receive an Easter treat at the end (you can give all children prizes so nobody is left out).

7. A Rainy Day Basket

Expecting a wet or chilly Easter? You can easily arrange an egg hunt around the home and there is plenty you can include within a basket such as board games, puzzles, coloring books, a new movie, and some pajamas. – all items that are perfect for a rainy day.

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