Halloween is one day of the year. After your child has bobbed for apples, carved a pumpkin, and made himself sick on candy, the costume he wore may become a quick memory. Instead of shelling out lots of cash for playing dress-up, try these ideas for scoring something on the cheap.

1. Check Craigslist

Folks are putting their children's used Halloween costumes up for sale at cheap prices this month. These may get snatched up fast, so do your shopping online first.

2. Get Thrifty

Thrift stores that benefit local charity organizations have some of the best prices on clothing and accessories that can be used for all kinds of costumes. If you do not have a need for the items when you are finished dressing up your child, keep the cycle going by donating it back to the shop. Don't forget to check at garage sales, consignment stores, and upscale secondhand shops for hard-to-find clothing items.

3. Don't Buy a New Costume — Create One

It doesn't take a seamstress or a tailor to create a great Halloween look. Scan through photos of costumes in a magazine or online, and see what you can come up with by putting together pieces of clothing from around the house.

4. Dress Them Up Like You

Aren't they always trying on your stuff? Children get a great thrill of dressing up like Mommy or Daddy. Pull out your professional clothes from the closet, and see if your child can go trick-or-treating in the clothes you wear on the job. You can also use their clothing (that fits) and model outfits after your work wear.

5. Purchase Only Part of a Costume

If you absolutely have to buy something, make it a key accessory that will pull the outfit together.

  • play eye glasses (for office worker, teacher)
  • cowboy hat
  • pilot hat
  • straw hat (for farmer or scarecrow)
  • pirate eye patch
  • waist or bib apron (for waiter, waitress, cook)
  • tiara or crown (princess, queen)
  • sash
  • superhero cape

6. Use Last Year's Costume

Hey, sometimes young kids want to be the same thing over and over. If the costume still fits, let 'em wear it.

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