I don’t know about you but I love summer break. This summer, we'd lounge in bed before getting up around 7:30 or 8:00 a.m. to start our day. It’s been paradise. But soon enough, those early school mornings will once again stare us directly in the face, stick out their tongues and taunt us mercilessly. And for some, the school year has already begun.

However, there is a way to prepare the kids for – and ourselves – for those all-too-familiar rough mornings. Here are a few tips:

1. Go to Bed Earlier

The best thing that you can do to prepare for your kid for the school year is to begin their bedtime routine earlier. During the summer, parents have a tendency to let bedtimes slide for their kids. A week before school cranks up, start enforcing your regular bedtime routine for the kids. And it won’t hurt to do the same for yourself.

2. Get Organized

Anything that you can do to start making your life less complicated in preparation for the school year, is a positive thing. Do you need to start digging out school supplies, bookbags, or certain clothes? Do you need to start buying special foods that your kids like to have in their lunch at school? Are there certain costs that you can begin to plan for now like fundraisers, field trips, or raffles?

3. Get Up on Time

Repeatedly hitting the snooze button can be trouble. It’s so easy to do and such a difficult habit to break and once the school year commences, you won’t have that luxury. It’s best to start reorienting yourself now to the rigors of the school year by trying to get up once the alarm goes off.

4. Eat Healthy

Once you wake up, make a healthy breakfast. You and your kids will need it once you're scrambling to get out the door every morning when the sun has barely peaked through the clouds.

5. Map Out the Commute

Are there any changes you need to make to your school drive? It’s a good idea to determine if there have been any traffic changes or construction zones added to your commute and figure out if you need to do anything differently to get to school.

6. Assess Any Changes From Last Year

Each day brings new challenges. Are there any lessons that you’ve learned in years past that you need to revisit? Maybe your kids do better when their clothes are laid out the night before. Maybe your kids eat better when they get up an extra 15 minutes early and have more time to relax in the morning. Whatever it is, think about it before the school bell rings and try to implement it for your family.