My wife and I love to read. And we love to read to our kids even more. But finding the time to read to our children, while confronted with the demands of life can make it difficult.

Here are a few tips to find those hidden times when reading is a pure pleasure for you and your child.

1. Always Carry a Couple of Books With You

Leave them in your purse or in the car. Easy access to books makes you more likely to pick them up and read them to your children.

2. Keep Books Throughout Your Home

If your home is devoid of children’s books, begin by adding a few by visiting the library, shopping at used bookstores, or shopping for cheap books online at sites like You can also ask family and friends to buy books for your child as birthday or holiday gifts.

3. Checkout Books From the Library

If hearing the same stories over and over again is becoming a chore, change it up. Books are expensive, so get a library card or dust off the one that you have and supplement your home library by checking out new books every few weeks.

4. Take Advantage of Having a Captive Audience

When your child is sitting down for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can easily find a few minutes to read a quick book. If you make it part of your family’s routine to have story time immediately following a meal, your kids will come to appreciate it and expect it.

5. Let Them Choose the Book

If your young kids are anything like mine, they choose screen time over just about any other activity. You can give them time to watch a show or play an educational online game, but try to balance out that time with reading. If you tell them that they can watch a 30-minute show but they have to listen to three books first, it’s a way to make sure they’re not completely becoming consumed with screens.

6. Keep Books in the Car

While you are driving your kids around, make sure they have a few books or educational magazines to thumb through. Even if your children can’t read, you can let them get acclimated to the feel and nature of a book. It will encourage them to value the written word.