There are many ways to ensure that we’re creating an environment of gratitude in our daily lives. It truly begins at home, and if we’re successful, we might be able to instill that same sense of gratefulness within our children. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing!

Here are some ways to make the spirit of Thanksgiving exist throughout the rest of the year.

1. Say Thank You

Doesn’t life feel better when we thank each other for things? It’s good to always remind your children that whenever someone does something nice for them, they should say thank you. No matter how inconsequential, an acknowledgment is not only the proper thing to do, but it also lays a foundation for a life of gratitude.

2. Recognize Good Deeds

If one of your children or your spouse is going the extra mile to get something done, make sure that you recognize them for their effort. That type of acknowledgment will encourage the do-gooder to do even more good deeds.

3. Talk About Positive Things

In the privacy of our homes, we let our true selves show. Sometimes the things we talk about are negative, critical, and hurtful. We need to make a concerted effort to avoid those types of words and phrases. If we can do that, it will set the tone for a more uplifting home life.

4. Say Grace Before Eating

One of the times we come together as a family is at mealtime. We also say a prayer before eating in order to give thanks for the bounty on our table and other blessings in our lives. If you’re not a religious family, you can still sit at the dinner table and say a few words of thanks.

5. Remember How Blessed You Are

In your normal conversations around the house, mention the little things that you’re thankful for on a daily basis. Just verbally appreciating the beauty and blessings around us can change our mindset, make for a happier home, and give our children the proper perspective on life.

6. Donate to Causes

One of the ways we show our gratitude is by volunteering our time, talents, and treasures. If we strive to be giving as a family throughout the year – and not just during the holidays – it will make that dedication to our fellow man a consistent source of pride for each of us.