The first day of school is a memorable one. Your child is filled with excitement and anticipation and you are equal parts nervous wreck and proud parent. You want to remember this day forever, and now, it's easier than ever to create beautiful mementos of this special day.

1. Chalkboards

Just a small chalk board a little creativity can help create a super cute picture of your child's first day back. Simply write the date, the grade level, and any other information you'd like to highlight. Put it in your child's hand and snap a few pics of his smiling face before the reality of homework kicks in.

2. Computer Printouts

This works the same as a chalkboard, but gives you the freedom of fonts which is especially great for those of us who don't have the prettiest of handwriting. Simply create a page of the information you want to include, spruce it up with fun fonts and colors, print, and hand it to your child to hold while you click the camera.

3. Premade "School Days" Kits

Stores like Hallmark are jumping on the first day of school picture wagon. It's easy, it's simple, and it's perfect if you aren't the creative, do-it-yourself type (like me).

4. Photoshop

This is easy because you can do it after the first day of school. Just take a picture of your child in front of a plain background and make sure your child is framed to the left or the right. Then, using Photoshop, write in the information you want to share right over the photo to the side of your child

5. Q&A

This is super cute, especially with the younger kids. Come up with a list of questions to ask your child including his favorite food and what he wants to be when he grows up. Place it in a frame alongside the photo of his first day.

6. Scrapbook

If you're a really creative person, scrapbook your child's first day and include many of the above ideas. It's the perfect way to showcase the Q&A answers as well as all of the photos from your child's first day of school.

No matter who we are, our child's first day of school is a big deal, not to mention the one day out of the year that you may not have to drag them out of bed. Leave a little bit of extra time in your morning schedule to make sure you capture this precious memory.