When a new baby is on the way, love is in the air, so a Valentine's Day theme is perfect for a baby shower — especially during the month of February. Need inspiration for your own Valentine-themed baby shower? Consider the following ideas for invitations, decorations, games and more.

1. Start With "Love"-ly Invitations

Invitations are the easy part when you're throwing a baby shower with a Valentine's Day theme — just use your favorite template for homemade Valentines, or one of these free printable Valentine baby shower invitations.

Possible themes for your invitations include:

  • Mommy's Little Sweetheart
  • Our Heart's Desire
  • Showered With Love
  • Waiting for Our Sweet Little Valentine

2. Decorate With Hearts and Flowers

Red or pink roses make beautiful centerpieces for a baby shower that falls near Valentine's Day, as do heart-shaped balloon bouquets in shades of pink and red. Other decoration ideas include baby bottles filled with candy conversation hearts, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates that double as party favors, and, of course, a Valentine diaper cake.

3. Plan for Valentine-Themed Fun

Get the party started by giving traditional baby shower games a heart-themed twist. Ideas for games and activities include:

  • Play "Baby Kisses" and have guests guess how many Hershey's kisses are in a jar.
  • Have guests write "love letters" to baby.
  • Plan a scavenger hunt for small baby gifts wrapped in Valentine paper.
  • Play heart-themed printable games like Valentine's Bingo or Famous Love Quotes.

4. Serve Pink Champagne

Nothing says Valentine's Day like pink champagne in fancy flutes — although you'll need to also serve a non-alcoholic pink punch for the mother-to-be. If you don't want to use expensive glass or crystal champagne flutes, pick up the plastic variety at your local dollar store.

5. Create a Buffet With Fancy Treats

Decorate a beautiful buffet table, and then invite guests to nosh on a fancy spread. Heart-shaped tea sandwiches, chocolate-covered strawberries, and fruit salad or skewers (extra points if the fruit is cut in the shape of hearts) will all fit with your Valentine's Day theme.

6. Borrow the Best Ideas

The Internet is filled with amazing baby shower ideas, and plenty of visual inspiration is available for the less-than-creative among us. Check out the real-life pictures on the following blogs for even more ways to have some Valentine-themed baby shower fun.

Have you thrown a Valentine's Day baby shower? How did you make it special?