When you're a kid, there's nothing better than a snow day. But when you're a parent, you often find yourself scrambling to find fun activities that will keep your crew entertained over their unexpected school hiatus. Why not make things simple and stick with the theme of snow? These 6 snow-themed activities make for perfect, indoor snow day fun.

1. Make Shivery Snow Paint.

Iridescent glitter makes this Shivery Snow Paint sparkle and shine. Kids will get a kick out making their own paint, and will love the way it ends up puffy to the touch once it dries. This website also has recipes for Snow Dough and Snow Slime, so you can keep your kids busy for hours with this sensory play.

2. Make Snowmen ... Inside.

The DIY Indoor Snowman at Modern Parents, Messy Kids is too cute not to try. Cornstarch and shaving cream combine to make "snow," and you can gather buttons, fabric scraps, and other odds and ends from around the house to dress your snowmen. Plus, you contain all of this in the lid of a gift box, which makes clean-up a breeze. And what mom doesn't love that?

3. Do Snow Day Science Experiments.

School may be out, but that doesn't mean the education has to stop. Take advantage of the winter weather to learn something new with these 6 Snowy Day Science Experiments.

4. Make (and Eat) Sugar Snow.

If you've ever read Little House on the Prairie, you know all about sugar snow. The delicious, sweet and sticky treat is made by heating maple syrup, and then pouring it over fresh, cold snow. Use this tutorial to make a batch of sugar snow of your very own.

5. Have a Snowball Sock Fight.

If it's too cold to head outside and enjoy the real thing, grab several pairs of balled up white socks (preferably clean ones) and have a "snowball fight" indoors. Let the kids divide into teams, and they'll have hours of endless fun. Hopefully, they'll wear each other out too.

6. Make Snowflakes.

There are many variations to this traditional winter activity. Cut snowflakes out of white paper, make them out of packing peanuts, or create beautiful Borax Crystal Snowflakes that can be used to decorate your home. No matter which snow day activities you choose, your kids are sure to enjoy all the snowy fun.

And if you're lucky, school will be back in session tomorrow.