Quick! The kids are at school all day, so grab some trash bags and set aside your sentimentality. It’s time to start digging through the piles and piles of toys collecting dust in the playroom or basement and simplify.

Let’s face it – your kids probably don’t use or play with half of the toys they own, so it’s nature’s way of telling you to get rid of them. And it might be fun to see if they even notice once they walk through the door in the afternoon.

Here’s why it’s such a good idea to consider this fall cleaning:

1. Holidays Are on the Horizon

Before you know it, the holidays will be upon us and that means your children will be flooded with an influx of toys. Clearing out space now will free up room for those expected toys in just a few months.

2. Let’s Live With Less

How many toys does a child need? Do you ever feel like your children might be better served with less toys because it would allow them to focus on one or two items rather than being tempted by 40 or 50? Having fewer choices in life might help them to learn to spend more time on a project and find satisfaction from simplification.

3. Eliminate the Piles

We have a pile of broken toys that I once thought I could rehab but realized it would either take too much effort or it just wasn’t worth the investment. I’m certain that you probably have a similar pile. Go through it, make some tough decisions and be done with it.

4. Make Your Life Easier

Straightening up the playroom after your kids destroy it is like Sisyphus rolling that rock up the hill only to watch it roll back down. It’s an exercise in futility. If you pare down and eliminate some of the clutter, you will not only make the room more organized, but you’ll cut down on the amount of time it takes to clean up.

5. Feel Good About Donating to Others

You’re not getting rid of toys. You’re gifting them to other children. Once you put some toys in the discard pile, decide which ones you might be able to donate or even consign. You can take comfort in knowing that those toys that brought joy to your children will someday bring joy to other children, too.

6. Keep What’s Important

There are seminal toys in each child’s life. My mother, for instance, kept most of my Matchbox cars and Star Wars figures. I’m glad she did because my kids love to play with them and, truth be told, I do, too. Weeding out the junk toys from the truly important toys is a job that should be done every few months.