Just because it's summer doesn't mean your kids should get away with doing nothing around the house. There's no homework, which means there's more time for them to help out. We've got the perfect chores for younger kids!

1. Sweeping

For some reason, my children love this chore and fight over it. They aren't the best at sweeping, but I'll take their half complete job over a floor full of dog hair any day.

2. Setting the Table

It's summer, so you should probably switch to paper plates anyway. That way you don't have as many dishes, and you don't worry about your three-year-old helping to set the table.

3. Feeding the Pets

During the school year, there are mornings when the pets might not get fed right away as you try to get everyone out the door. Summer is the perfect chance to get your children in the habit of feeding Fido as soon as they wake up. If you start now, your kids will likely continue this task once school starts up.

4. Watering the Plants

You might want to stick to the outdoor plants if your kids are under age five, but this is a great chance to let them see their hard work pay off. As they watch the plants grow and flowers bloom, they can take pride in the fact that they helped.

5. Weeding the Garden

Kids love to pull up plants, so let them have fun taking out all the weeds. They can stick to the garden, or pull them out of the walkways and patios, too. 

6. Wash the Cars

Fond memories will be made when your kids wash the cars with you. Who needs a car wash when you have little helpers to do the work? 

Now that life is a bit less hectic, it's the perfect time to add some chores to your child's lives. Start the day with chores to teach them that it pays off to get your work done early and quickly, leaving more time for fun!