Between winterizing our homes and preparing for the holidays, there's so much to do in November that we tend to lose track of our budgets. Have some fun and keep your money too with these simple and fun ways to make November a great month!

1. Halloween Items

Dress up clothes, scary masks, and candy are all going to be deeply discounted now that Halloween is over. That makes it a great time to get new items for your dress up bin, or make candy jewelry or art projects with Halloween candy.

2. Seasonal Decorations

We all love to make our homes festive this time of year, but holiday décor is pricey! Instead, head out on a nature hike with the kids and collect items you can use to decorate naturally. Fill clear vases with acorns and pinecones. Use greenery including pine needles to create a centerpiece.

3. Start Couponing

If you’ve never been big on cutting coupons, but have been looking for ways to save cash, now is the time to get out those scissors and start clipping. November is a great time to start building your stock of coupons thanks to the upcoming holidays. Coupons will be arriving in the mail and in newspapers in abundance. Don’t toss them.

4. Apples

Go apple picking and bring home your collection for a day of baking. Applesauce, apple pie, apple crisp. The ideas are endless and the quality time spent with your kids will be even sweeter than your desserts.

5. Pinecone Bird Feeders

Every child needs to experience making pinecone bird feeders. It’s an easy project for even the least crafty of parents and your kids will love watching the birds feast.

6. Visit Jacksonville, Florida

Kids under 12 get in free at favorite family attractions in Jacksonville throughout the month of November. The fun includes Amelia River Cruises, Adventure Landing, Wildlife Sanctuary, Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, and the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.

If you can’t get to Jacksonville, check your local newspaper for an events calendar that is likely to include free events for the month. Everywhere from New York City to Chicago has free stuff for kids to do in November as well as other times of the year.