We all know how important dads are for kids, and how they shape their daughters' lives. Study after study proves that this man will set the stage for how his daughter views boys and expects to be treated by men as a teen and an adult. A lot of dads struggle to find ways to bond with their daughters, but in this day and age, it is way easier. Here are a few fun ideas.

1. Daddy Daughter Hair Factory

This father-daughter bonding activity is perfect for dads of young girls, especially for the dad faced with the task of doing his daughter’s hair in the morning for school. Dads not only learn how to braid, but they get to spend quality time with their daughter in the class.

2. Do Something You Love

Are you a big fan of golfing or woodworking? Teach your daughter about your favorite activities and share that one-on-one time with her. It will make a huge impact on her life and her self-esteem.

3. Do Something She Loves

Maybe your daughter loves painting or dancing or playing princess. Whatever her passion is, share that with her. Support her and show her that you care about what she cares about.

4. Root for the Girls

Taking girls to a baseball game or soccer game is a great idea, but what if you took her to watch a women’s team play? Imagine how excited she would be to see that sports aren’t just for men and boys, and that women can be successful at them, too?

5. Write a Book

You tell your daughter bedtime stories, so why not create your own book together? Illustory lets you make a book and then they will print it for you - even copies for your friends and family. Making a book together will be a memory that will last a lifetime.

6. Make a Tradition

Whether it's bagels or donuts after church on Sundays, or a bedtime story each night, do something with your daughter that she can depend on. A tradition that she can continue with her children someday. She will cherish it.

How do you bond with your daughter? Tell us in the comments!