Summer is finally upon us, and while children are shouting for joy, parents are wondering how long it will be before the first child utters the words, “I’m bored.” My best advice? Stock up on the craft projects. Now.

Here are just a few that your kids will love.

1. Friendship Bracelets

Bracelets are all the rage for kids these days – boys and girls alike. Bracelet making kits can be found for all age ranges and usually at inexpensive prices. I like this one from Parragon. It includes sparkly thread, star charms, and a how-to book. Creating bracelets can keep your child busy for hours.

2. Woodland Friends Sewing Kit

Perfect for ages 7-12, this kit will not only keep your child busy, but will help him to develop the skill of sewing — something many kids miss out on learning. It comes with five pre-cut animal sewing projects, thread, sewing needles, pins and pin cushion, scissors, fabric glue, stuffing, and instructions. Everything you need, all in one cute carrying case.

3. Rock Pets

You loved these as a kid, let your child get in on the fun. All you need is some time to collect rocks, and then get some paint. Your child will have a ton of fun creating her own rock pet to adorn her bedroom.

4. My First Origami Kit

Origami is great for teaching children creativity and patience. This starter kit won the Creative Child Magazine's 2015 Preferred Choice Award. It’s inexpensive and filled with instructions for making everything from birds and a teddy bear to vehicles.


This is perfect for kids who will be doing a lot of reading this summer. They can take a break from their books to make a sweet bookmark for when they finally have to close the pages for another time. This bookmark craft is great for beginners and instructions and materials are available from Michaels.

6. Nature Hike Art

Go on a nature walk scavenger hunt with the kids and have them collect items like pinecones, flowers, and leaves. Then, when you return home, they can use their treasures to create art. Pinecone birdfeeders, landscape pictures, and whatever their little minds can think up.

Having a closet stocked with crafts can help you out when you kids are in a boredom rut — especially on rainy summer days.

Parenting Squad received a Friendship Bracelets Kit from Parragon for review.