The weather is hot, families are out and about, and the risk of injury and illness for children is up. Look out for the well-being of your family by taking basic safety measures. Parenting Squad has the information and prevention resources you need to help keep your children safe — from cradle to college.

1. Start With the Babies

There is a handful of new information in the last several years about keeping the littlest family members out of danger. Start with New AAP Guidelines Have Children Facing the Rear for an Additional Year, Graco Stroller Recall News, and Baby Sleep Basics: All About Cribs.

2. Learn About Water Safety

All aboard! It's the mid-summer boating season. Make sure your family is prepared with the right gear, under the watchful eyes of responsible adults. Follow the essentials included in Boating Safety For Kids. For children with special needs, you'll want to take special precautions. Water Safety And The Child With Autism walks you through the danger spots and educates parents on how to prevent accidents. And be sure to follow 6 Simple Rules For Water Park Safety when taking a day to let the kids really get wet.

For parents whose toddlers show interest in swimming, you'll be happy to read American Academy of Pediatrics Reverses Position On Toddler Swim Training. Make sure to check through the signs of readiness in the article to decide if it is the right time for your two- or three-year-old. Also check out Teaching Babies To Swim for interesting research on infant swim instruction.

3. Protect Against Summer Sun

Lots of heat-related illnesses occur due to summer heat and summer sun. Learn the definitions of the various conditions and learn about prevention by reading What Is Heat Stress? and Protect Children from Summer Dehydration. Clear up confusion about sun and skin protection with Top 10 Tips for Making Sense of Sunscreen.

4. Take Preventative Measures During Regular Family Activities

Injuries can happen on playgrounds, in pools, and right in your own driveway. Check out Summer Fun Safety Tips, 17 Tips For Garage Sale Safety, and Ouch! The Rise in Children's Sports Injuries and What You Can Do About It.

5. Use Technology

Technology may be to blame for ruining privacy and making it harder for parents to know what children are up to, but there is plenty of technology to help moms and dads stay caught up. Check out the information and resources in Have You Checked The Children, Texting Can Be Good For Safety, and 3 Apps To Protect Your Child From Cyber Bullies.

6. Remember Teenagers and College Students

Find research and great tips with Teen Dating Violence More Prevalent Than Many Realize, Dangers Of Alcohol And Energy Drinks: Impulsive Behavior In Teens, and How To Keep Your Off-Campus College Student Safe.