Who says only kids get to dress up for Halloween? With these cooperative Halloween costume ideas, the whole family gets to join the fun โ€” and work together to pull off some of the coolest costumes of 2013.

1. Outer Space

Looking for a costume idea that's out of this world? Look no further than Outer Space! With dark clothing, corrugated cardboard, and a few decorative flourishes, your family can light up Halloween night. The sun, the moon, the stars, the planets โ€” with a big enough family you could create an entire solar sytem!

2. Despicable Me

With this year's release of the overwhelmingly popular Despicable Me 2, it's been a big year for Gru and the gang. Translation: These costumes are easy to find (perfect if you don't know how to sew or have a creative bone in your body). Mom can be Lucy, Dad can be Gru, and the kids can be their minions. Just like in real life, right?

3. The Three Little Pigs

Classic bedtime stories and nursery rhymes provide wonderful inspiration for family-friendly Halloween costumes. With a bit of fake fur, one family member can be the wolf, while everyone else wears homemade pink pig's ears and snouts, and voila, you have The Three Little Pigs. Or, if you have a daughter with blonde ringlets, consider going the route of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

4. Family Farm

There's nothing cuter than an infant or toddler in a cozy, one-piece animal costume, so why not add a farmer and his wife to the picture? All mom and dad need are a pair of overalls, a bandana and a straw hat, and you've got a family farm! As an added bonus, a wagon (perfect for giving tired little legs a ride) completes the look.

5. Little Town of Bethlehem

Already thinking of the holidays? With some strategically placed sheets, you can create a unique family costume that looks ahead to the Christmas season. The Holy Family may not scream Halloween in the same way as vampires and zombies do, but it's a sweet look that makes for some great photos.

6. Superhero Family

Superheroes are incredibly popular at Halloween, and with good reason. Who doesn't want a chance to pretend you can save the world? The Incredibles is a particularly popular family Halloween costume โ€” and with some red sweats it's also a fairly easy look to create.

You could also create your own group of Avengers, or let each family member dress up as their favorite character from the Justice League. Feeling particularly creative, make a few capes and let everybody come up with their own personal superhero name and special powers.

Do you dress up as a family for Halloween? What's your favorite costume for a group?