Teaching your children to count can be so much fun. Whether you count the steps you take while carrying your baby, or count the cars as they go by, the younger you start the better. And when it comes to reading, the same rules apply - the younger you start, the better off your child will be. So combine these two educational and fun activities into one awesome time with your little one. Just use these books!

Spot a Lot Animal Escape

This cute book from Parragon Books features animals who have escaped from the zoo. Help the zoo keeper round them up. It's both a counting book and a searching book that will be great educational fun for your little one.

Count the Monkeys

Your child will love trying to count the monkeys as they are being scared right off the pages by other animals. Kids love silly. Kids love animals. She'll be learning and laughing and that's a great combo.

Ten Orange Pumpkins: A Counting Book

Perfect for fall and Halloween, this book will have children excited to count down the pumpkins as they go missing. There's lots of adventure ahead of the pumpkins with simple and stunning artwork.

Richard Scarry's Best Counting Book Ever

Share a favorite from your childhood with your children. Willy Bunny practices his numbers by counting everything he sees, starting with himself. This book doesn't stop at ten, it goes right up to 100.

Count Down to Clean up!

What parent isn't excited about a book that counts down while cleaning up? It’s community clean-up day, and the rabbit in Short Creek are very busy. Your child will love the clues the bunnies leave and the chance to count backwards too.

On the Launch Pad

Perfect for the child who is tired of animals counting. This book is great for rocket lovers. Countdown from twelve to one as the rocket ship prepares to blast off.

Language and math in one book is the perfect way to learn. What's your favorite way to count together?