Sometimes, when it's too cold and snowy to go outside, we have to create our own fun indoors. Fortunately, craft projects are an inexpensive and entertaining way to keep kids busy when we're all cooped up in the house. Need a few new winter-themed craft ideas to add to your repertoire? Here are 5 you don't want to miss.

1. Water Bottle Penguins

If you can't get to the zoo to see these cold weather creatures up close, you can still create your very own flock of Water Bottle Penguins at home. It's amazing what you can do with some empty water bottles, cotton balls, and a little black and orange felt.

2. Melted Wax Snowflakes

There are many crafty ways to make snowflakes, but these Melted Wax Snowflakes are some of the prettiest I've seen. To create them, you'll iron crayon shavings between pieces of waxed paper, and then use cookie cutters to cut the melted wax into the shape of a snowflake.

3. Homemade Snow Globes

Kids are always mesmerized by snow globes, so why not let them create their very own? They'll need adult supervision to make these Homemade Snow Globes, but they'll love the process of choosing what figures to add — and of course shaking the finished product so they can watch the snow fall.

4. Doughnut Snowmen

I admit to being not-so-crafty, but even I like crafts you can eat. And the Doughnut Snowman craft is perfect for younger kids who will get a kick out of adding eyes and a nose to their "snowman" before gobbling him up.

5. Tabletop Ice Hockey

Part craft and part awesome activity, this Tabletop Ice Hockey Rink is all fun. You can actually build your own rink using a baking pan, Con-tac paper, water (which freezes into ice), and plastic berry baskets (which you cut in half to make the goals). Even better, once you've built it, you can play tabletop ice hockey to your heart's content.

Do you rely on crafts to entertain your kids when they're stuck inside?