Father's Day can be as exciting as Christmas. It's all in the making. 

Each Father's Day, dads all over the country will be anticipating new ties, personalized coffee mugs, and picture frames made of nuts and lots. All are fine gifts, but consider coming out of left field with something unexpected to make Dad shake his head in joyful disbelief. Instead of stressing over the perfect gift for Dad, use the element of surprise to spice up this Father's Day and make it one to remember. 

Here are five ideas for a unique Father's Day.

1. Breakfast in Bed

Sneak out of bed a little early and let Dad sleep in while you prepare (or pick up) his favorite breakfast. Allow the kids to make a fun presentation of bringing the meal to him in bed. Play Dad's favorite song or make up a rhyme about how much you love him as part of the breakfast experience. 

2. Adventure Outing

Book an afternoon doing something out of the ordinary. Go on a hike, schedule a zip-lining session, plan a 4-wheeling expedition, or go to a water park. Being active and adventurous as a family is something Dad will appreciate on his special day.

3. Quiet Time

There is nothing quite as golden as silence. If Dad has been a little stressed lately, give him the gift of alone time. Take the kids out to a movie or library for a few hours so he can nap, read, or watch TV in complete solitude. 

4. Day of Favorites

Plan the day around all of Dad's favorites: foods, places, and activities. Make sure to have everything charted out in advance so Dad does not have to make any decisions – he is just along for the exciting ride. 

5. Day Trip

Pack the family into the car and head out on a day-long excursion. Maybe you visit a favorite neighboring town that you haven't been to in a while, or maybe you drive an hour or so to explore somewhere new. Let Dad take the passenger seat and kick back while you all endure his favorite talk radio station. 

Make some new memories this Father's Day by giving Dad a day of unexpected gifts. Who knows? Maybe one of these experiences will become your new Father's Day tradition.