Thanksgiving is all about relaxing with the three F's: family, friends, and food. And I suppose you could add football to that list as well. The family and friends part is easy — everyone gathers in anticipation of sharing a delicious meal and a plethora of pies. But what about all that food? Someone has to do all the cooking. 

If that someone is you, you may be looking for ways to scale down your kitchen time on Thanksgiving, so you have more time to get to the relaxing part of the holiday. If you want to have more time to hang with the family, use these tips to save time in the kitchen. 

1. Use Premade Crusts

Whether it's a pie, pot pie, or casserole, Thanksgiving can require lots of crusts. While homemade crusts are delicious, a premade crust from the store is a huge timesaver. If you need to pare down your prep time, using a store-bought crust can easily save you up to 30 minutes (per crust).  

2. Buy Chopped Veggies 

Many Turkey Day favorites use onions, carrots, and celery as a base for building flavor. Cut back on chopping time by purchasing these commonly used veggies, precut from the grocery store. Although they may cost slightly more than the whole version, the time you save will be well spent enjoying your loved ones.    

3. Make Some Things in Advance

Plenty of sides and desserts can be made a day or two ahead and reheated for the big meal. Stuffing, casseroles, pies, and cranberry sauce are good options if you choose to prepare part of your Thanksgiving in advance. 

4. Preheat Liquids

Mixing up the perfect gravy and sauces to accompany your Thanksgiving dishes means patiently waiting by a hot stove for your liquids to rise to temperature. Speed up this steamy process by preheating your liquids in the microwave and adding them directly to the pot on the stove with the remainder of the ingredients. 

5. Ask for Help

If you are hosting the big meal, chances are your guests have asked, "What can I bring?" Don't feel bad about letting others pitch in. Even the most unskilled cook can pick up a pack of rolls at the store. And that's one more item you can check off your list.

Although Thanksgiving has a lot of focus on the food, the holiday is truly about spending time with those we love and being thankful for the good things in our life. Don't spend the whole day slaving in the kitchen. Use these time savers to ensure you have enough time to lounge on the couch with the rest of the guests.