Children, champagne, and a late-night countdown may not make the best combo, but you can have family-style fun on New Year's Eve. The options are endless, and extending the festivities into the New Year is another great way to increase family fun and bonding.

1. Make a Calendar

Get creative with your kids and make a calendar for the New Year. Make one on the computer featuring photos from the year before, or get out the crayons and paper and let your children create and decorate.

2. Turn Back the Clock

Your kids want to shout, "Happy New Year!" But you want them in bed at a reasonable hour. Just turn back your clocks to celebrate together. Then tuck in the kiddos and break out a glass of bubbly.

3. Celebrate in the Morning

The morning of January 1st is a great time to celebrate the New Year with the children. You can make a special breakfast together, go out for an early-morning snowshoe or walk, or stay in your PJs until noon while playing board games. However you choose to celebrate, the morning can be just as fun and exciting as the evening.

4. Do Something New

Spend the first day of the New Year trying new things. From new foods to new games, there is an unlimited amount of possibilities. You can make this last all year too, by picking a new thing to try during each month.

5. Set Goals

Whether you pick a charity to volunteer for together, or you each set an individual goal for each month, the New Year is the perfect time for every family member to plan how he or she would like to grow throughout the year. Your daughter can decide to spend the first month making sure to say something nice to her sister every day, and the next month she can plan to read two new books.

However you choose to celebrate, make sure to include your children. You'll be building memories that will last far beyond December 31st.