Food Day isn't just a way to celebrate food and stuff our faces. It's an event that will inspire and teach you and your children how to not only eat better, but enjoy real food rather than processed food.

On October 24, families across the country will celebrate Food Day with events throughout the US. But even if there isn't an event near you, you can join the Twitter party (#FoodDayChat, 12-5 EST), take the Food Literacy Quiz to see how your food knowledge stacks up, or just get your family's diet back on track. Here's 5 ways you can ensure your family is eating healthier, real food every day.

Join a Local CSA

CSAs or community supported agriculture, provide fresh, seasonal, and sustainably produced veggies and fruits to local families. There are different membership levels depending on how much produce you want to take home with you. Find one near you to get the best of fresh food grown right in your area.

Shop at a Farmers Market

Local farmers markets not only provide your family with fresh, local veggies, fruits, eggs, meats and more, but with a fun time too. Your kids will love going with you, and some vendors even provide samples or cute activities for the kids.

Shop the Perimeter

Don't even bother heading down the center isles at the big grocery store. Stick to the perimeter of the store where you'll find your fresh veggies, fruits, meats, and dairy products, in addition to organic versions of breads and snacks. You'll save time and you'll know that you are ridding your home and bodies of processed foods.

Grow Your Own

It's easier than you think to grow your own food, plus it's an activity the whole family can enjoy together. Learn which foods grow best in your area and get started. Even in the winter, you can grow some veggies and spices inside.

Get Your Kids Cooking

Let your kids cook with you. It will not only teach them how to prepare quality, healthy meals, but will get them excited about eating healthy too. Plus, you'll enjoy the time you get to spend together.

How do you keep your family healthy?