For most families, saving money during the month of August means saving money on back-to-school. With classes ready to resume this month, here are some ways parents can send their students off in style — AND still keep the family budget in check.

1. Shop Back-to-School Deals

Search a site like Penny Pinchin' Mom, which has a 2015 Price Comparison Database, to scope out the best back-to-school deals. Don't forget to compare online prices too; with so many retailers offering free shipping you could do all your shopping without setting foot in a store.

2. Take Advantage of Tax-Free Holidays

If you're lucky enough to live in a state that offers a Tax Free Weekend, (often the first weekend in August), take advantage of it. While savings on small items can be, well, small, you can save a lot of money on larger purchases like laptops.

3. Stock up on Summer Apparel

Retailers are ready to move summer items off the shelves this month, and you can help them — all while saving from 40 to 70 percent. Since many kids still need new shorts and tank tops for those first few (hot) weeks of school, August is your month to score some clothing bargains.

4. Score with Early Labor Day Sales

Mattresses and home goods are a good buy during these sales, as are end-of-season items like grills and patio furniture.

5. Take a Last-Minute Trip

If you're one of the lucky few families with kids who don't go back to school before Labor Day, you can save big bucks on family vacations at the end of August. Rates improve dramatically at many hotels and rental houses as demand drops off, so even if you thought you couldn't afford that beachfront getaway, you may be able to enjoy it after all.

How do you save money on back-to-school necessities for your family?