We all know that Thanksgiving is about more than just turkey and cranberry sauce, but sometimes it can be challenging to explain this concept to our kids. Help your children learn about gratitude and giving thanks with these fun crafts and activities that are perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday.

1. A Gratitude Garland

Creating a Gratitude Garland is simple. Make leaves out of colored construction paper, write something you're grateful for on each, and then string the leaves together to make a colorful and decorative garland for your home. Challenge your kids to make the garland as long as possible.

2. A Thankfulness Tree

Similar to a Gratitude Garland is a Thankfulness Tree. Tear up brown paper bags and put the crumpled pieces together on a wall or door to create a tree trunk and branches. Have your family write all the things they are thankful for on leaves made out of colored construction paper, and then attach the leaves to the tree.

A Thankfulness Tree can remind you of all your blessings on a daily basis — and it also doubles as nice touch of seasonal home decor.

3. Create a Family Wall of Thanks

Go beyond simply writing down the things you're thankful for with a visual reminder of everything in your life that evokes gratitude. To create a Family Wall of Thanks, Parents.com suggest dividing a bulletin board into equal sections, and allowing family members to "tack up notes, pictures, and drawings of what they cherish this holiday season."

This idea works particularly well for pre-readers and visual learners, who may enjoy working with images more than words.

4. Write Thanksgiving Thank You Notes

Handwritten thank you notes are becoming somewhat of a lost art these days, but Thanksgiving is the perfect time to revive this tradition. Ask your children to consider not what but who they are grateful for in their lives, and help them express their thanks in a thank you note. If you're not sure where to begin, Real Simple has a nice article on 5 Tips for Writing Thank-You Notes with Kids.

5. Start a Gratitude Journal

For younger children, try making an ABC Gratitude Journal. On each page, write a letter of the alphabet, and then have your child draw a picture of something he or she is grateful for that begins with that letter. Older children may prefer to write a journal entry about one thing they are thankful for on each day leading up to Thanksgiving.

And don't forget — gratitude journals can benefit adults too, and not just during the holidays. No matter our age or the season, we should all always remember to focus on the good in the world that is all around us.