It's every football fan's most glorious day: Superbowl Sunday. A day filled with chicken wings, nacho dip, touchdowns and epic commercial premieres. Superbowl gatherings can be a family affair, even if the kiddos are not fully committed to watching the big game from start to finish. If you are hosting (or attending) a kid-friendly Superbowl party, try these games and activities to get the kids excited and keep them occupied while the adults watch the game.

1. Superbowl Word Scramble

Type a list of some common words associated with football. Make enough copies so each child has their own paper. Once they complete the word scramble, let them choose a piece of candy or football themed sticker for their hard work.

Word ideas for scramble: goal post, flag, kickoff, half time, score, referee, quarterback, touchdown, huddle

2. Quarterback Says

A Superbowl play on the classic, Simon Says. Each person takes a turn being Quarterback and has the others follow the directions he gives... but only if he says, "Quarterback says" first. Anyone to move on a turn without the phrase, "Quarterback says," is out of the game.

3. Touchdown Dance Off

Have each child create their own signature touchdown dance. Ask the children to pick their favorite team out of the two playing and every time their team of choice scores, they must stand and perform their touchdown dance.

4. Commercial Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of things to spot during the commercial breaks. Assign more common items 5 -10 points, and more outrageous items 15-25 points. Make a copy of the list for each child and have them keep track of their sightings on their paper. At the end of the game, the person with the most points wins a small prize.

Ideas for items to spot: car, computer, lion, eagle, something blue, iPad, shoes, horse, tea kettle, book, pumpkin

5. TD & TP

Make a chart listing the opposing football team names at the top. Have each child sign their name under the team they want to win. Which ever team scores a touchdown first, the children with their name under that team get to choose one adult to wrap in toilet paper. The wrapped adult must remain that way until the other team scores a touchdown. This can be repeated for the first touchdown of both teams to give all the children a chance to participate.

These fun and easy games will liven up the party for children and adults alike!

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