Your commitment to your child’s school does not end the minute that you drop them off at the school door each morning. In fact, there are many reasons why parents like you are the lifeblood of your child’s school. Your input, creativity, time, and talents are necessary to help the school raise money, acquire resources, and care for the children who attend.

Each year when school begins, one of the things you will be asked is whether you want to join the PTA or other school associations. There might be a fee involved, and there certainly will be a time commitment, but it will be well worth it.

Here are some reasons why you should strongly consider investing the time and energy on the PTA or other school group at your child’s school:

1. You Become Involved in Important Decisions

Tons of decisions get made every year at the school level that affect your child’s education and overall experience. It may not mean that you will get to choose curriculum or your child's teacher, but by joining the PTA or other school advisory group, you will be privy to important decisions regarding fundraisers, upcoming events, and potential changes in school policies. Those are important decisions that need to be made by fair-minded, intelligent people with a vested interest in what happens at the school. You could be one of those people.

2. You Help Choose Where the Money Goes

Many of the “extras” that a school community enjoys exist because of the fundraisers that the PTA puts on. When you play a role in the PTA, you can be part of the group that determines how those dollars are spent. It might mean money for a long-overdue field trip or money for a new tech gadget that all the children can learn from. Those are critical decisions that can enhance the quality of the education and learning environment at the school.

3. You Show Your Kids That You Want to Be Involved

Your children learn from what you do. If you play a leadership role in their school, that shows them that you are invested in their education and want to be a part of making their education the best it can be.

4. You Can See How Issues Are Handled

The more you’re around the school, the more informed you’ll be about what’s happening on campus, who’s there, and how issues are handled. These are important pieces of information for parents to have. Once you have this knowledge, you’ll have a better idea of how to get things done, and your input can add to the school’s culture.

5. You Become More Invested in Volunteering

Once you see the work that goes on at the school, and how critical it is for parents to be involved in the PTA or an advisory group, you’ll likely have a greater appreciation for the need for parents to volunteer. You might find a calling to become a trusted member of the fabric of the school, making life better for students who need caring people like you.