25.3% of American women aged 15-44 face infertility. And, as made evident by the chronicled lives of Bill and Giuliana Rancic on their Style Network show Giuliana and Bill, In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) doesn't have a great success rate — only 25% for women aged 35-37. Mix that with the fact that women are uneducated about their own fertility, and the result is millions of women facing the real possibility of never carrying a child.

But there is hope. IVF isn't the only way to fight infertility. The lesser known technique of NaProTechnology (NPT) is a major breakthrough in the treatment of infertility and its underlying causes.

Why NaProTechnology?

NPT stands for Natural Procreative Technology, a health science that monitors and maintains a woman's reproductive and gynecological health.

1. Disease-Based

Unlike IVF, NPT is a couple-centered, disease-based approach to assessing the underlying causes of the reproductive abnormality, allowing for the treatment of these underlying causes and assisting the couple in achieving pregnancy while maintaining the natural acts of procreation.

2. Success

The success rates of NPT versus IVF are jaw-dropping. The highest success rate for IVF is 35% (based on age) while the highest success rate for NPT is 81.8% (based on diagnosis).

3. Cost Effective

NPT costs far less than IVF. On average, IVF costs $13,775 per session in the United States. NPT costs vary based on diagnosis, but is more likely to be covered by health insurance than IVF.

4. Natural Intimacy

With IVF, the sperm is collected through masturbation and the eggs are collected through harvesting. They are brought together in a lab to form embryos, which are then transferred into the woman. With NPT, the couple is able to achieve pregnancy while maintaining their normal, natural intimacy.

5. No Embryo Destruction or Pregnancy Reduction

With NPT, there is no destruction of embryos or risk of a high multiple pregnancy because the embryos are not created in a lab with multiple embryos transferred into the woman.

Even if you have tried IVF or other means of artificial reproductive technology and have been unsuccessful, NPT might work for you. Fertility Care Centers of America is a growing group of centers affiliated with NPT that may be able to help you overcome infertility.