The hCG Diet is becoming quite a hot topic lately. Many folks find it controversial, a diet fad that can't possibly be healthy and long-lasting. Others feel it's a perfectly good way to jumpstart weight loss and lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Having completed a 43-day protocol of the program, I have to say that I side with the latter camp. I had a very good experience on the hCG diet, but I don't think I would have been as successful if I hadn't gone through the program with my husband. The hCG diet, with its 500 calories a day regimen, can be tricky to incorporate into your life. Doing it with a spouse or partner makes the process much easier.


It just makes sense that going on any weight loss program with a partner who can support you makes sense. Having someone to commiserate with is sure to lead to increased motivation and success.

When I felt hungry, I knew I had my husband to help me take my mind off of food and to engage me in some other activity. When I felt discouraged that I wasn't losing enough or had hit a slight plateau, he was there to offer advice because he was intimately familiar with the program. Making change is always more fun when you're not going it alone!


This program has very strict dietary constraints. There are only certain foods allowed on the hCG diet. One of the main points of the diet is that only two 3.5 ounce servings are meat are permitted per day. It's far more convenient to prepare these small servings for two people, rather than just one.

If I had been doing it by myself, my food prep would have been very tedious. With both of us on the program, I simply portioned out the meat and prepared four portions at a time. This method was very similar to preparing a regular meal for my family, and it allowed my husband and me to have two meals each. Prepping ahead was very helpful because we always had a meal we could just grab and reheat.


My husband and I underwent the hCG protocol under the supervision of our chiropractor. We were weighed each week, so there was definitely some accountability there.

However, knowing that my husband would be interested in how much weight I lost for the week was a lot more important to me than what my chiropractor thought. I knew I had to be accountable to not just my doctor, but to my partner and myself. If I cheated and didn't lose weight for the week, I felt like I had let my spouse down as well. He was very good at adhering to the diet, and he helped me to stick with it as well. Besides, it was also kind of fun to add a little competition to the game!


I will tell you that going through the hCG protocol with a medical professional can be expensive. There are many products on the market right now that just aren't quality. I highly advise seeking the advice of a doctor or chiropractor when considering this program.

However, I have to say that with both my husband and me on the hCG diet, we saw an incredible decrease in our grocery bill. We took on the 43-day protocol with a three-week maintenance period. That's over two months of significantly reduced food intake for two people, which really makes a difference in the amount spent on groceries. This cost cutting made the initial expense of the program much more affordable. And you can't really put a price tag on your health.

Role Modeling

I've heard some people say that they don't want their children to see them approach a fad diet, that it's more important to model healthy eating and exercising on a daily basis. I don't completely disagree. But when you've got two parents who are significantly overweight, and they take on a difficult eating program together, I believe that demonstrates a number of positive things. It shows that the parents support each other and are willing to work together toward becoming healthy. It shows that the parents are dedicated to making change, and it demonstrates a united front and shared philosophy.

Our children were impressed that we both were able to stick with the diet and were excited to see the results. They were our biggest cheerleaders.

My experience on the hCG diet was a positive one, made even more so by experiencing it with my spouse. I highly recommend the diet and that you speak with a medical professional to answer your questions about the program.

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