As the old adage says, "April showers bring May flowers." But as nice as those rainy days are for growing the plants, they can be downright boring for little kids, who naturally want to get outside and play! But the good news is that you can easily curb their boredom with these five boredom-busting activities!

1. Experiment With Indoor Science

Indoor science experiments can be fun and exciting. Take, for example, the chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar. That is one explosive combination that the children are sure to love. Add a little element of fun by making it into a volcano!

2. Create Paper Crafts

Never underestimate the crafty power of a paper plate, some tissue paper, or an old box. You can create decorations for the home, fun wreaths, animal masks and so much more!

3. Put on a Puppet Show

Kids are natural-born entertainers and will perform for anyone who will watch them. If you have an old cardboard box lying around that is big enough to fit your children, why not help them turn it into an impromptu puppet theater? Kick the theatrics up a notch by making it a shadow puppet show.

4. Build a Fort

There is perhaps nothing more thrilling to a child than building their very own fort, or "clubhouse," if you will. It could even just be a little tent in the middle of the living room. The point is, it is their space.

They are easy to build too! You can use old sheets, chairs, pillows, and whatever else comes to mind!

5. Get Lost in a Book

Reading takes us on incredible adventures to faraway places and brand new lands. Foster a love for reading in your child. Make reading more fun on a rainy day by doing a dramatic reading of their very favorite stories. They'll laugh, and you'll love it!