When it comes to a new year, many people bust out their pen and paper and commence with their list of goals for the 365 days ahead. Many of these may be repeaters from the prior year (I'm looking at you, exercise and eating plan) while a few ideas may make their first appearance. A new year is a fresh start and a great opportunity to take some time to evaluate the life you're living.

No matter what trajectory you set for yourself in the coming 12 months, it may be helpful to make resolutions for each part of your life. For example: one set for work, one for health, and one for being a parent. Each piece of your life has its own unique challenges, so splitting up your resolutions for each of these areas specifically, may be more effective than creating general goals. 

If you want to take a new approach to your mothering this year, consider these reslutions for moms.

1. Appreciate Your Awesomeness

Often as a mother, I find myself focusing on all the things I do wrong. I beat myself up over the tiniest misstep in parenting and cross my fingers that fate will grant me a do over in the future. While it's okay to learn and grow from mistakes, it's all null and void if I never celebrate my successes.

This year, make sure to focus on all the things you are doing RIGHT as a mom. Pat yourself on the back and shout it from the rooftop! This is hard work and you deserve some credit. 

2. No More Judgment

Every family has a different way that they run their household. Rules and expectations are not the same from house to house. Most people tend to think their way is the right way, the better (even best) way to do things, and when someone else is doing it differently, then what on Earth is wrong with them? If it works for them, great! If not, they'll figure it out. But they don't need me mumbling behind their back about it, and I don't want to be that person, either. 

3. Let it Go (And This Doesn't Mean Watching Frozen, Again!)

There are so many wonderful things to enjoy about each day, yet I can let all the little irritants of the day pile up and bum me out. I am learning to let some things go in the sake of happiness. 

So my kids track mud across the floor? It's just mud. Let it go. 

Someone mixed towels in with the clothes for laundry. Is everything clean? Great! Let it go. 

4. Be in the Picture 

I mean this literally. Take pictures WITH your kids, not just OF your kids. These are your memories, too, and you deserve to be part of the scrapbook. Who cares if you have a sweaty ponytail and no makeup? You were there, you were in that moment. 

5. Take Your Time

It's no secret how much time moms dedicate to their children, it's something we do gladly and with love. But every mother needs some time to herself. An afternoon sitting in the sun with a good book, a night out with girlfriends... anything that gets you out of the house and let's you just be you for a while will do the trick. 

This year, try this new approach to resolutions and see if you can improve each part of your life with some specific goals. It just might be your best year yet!

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