Kids love to be in the kitchen, and they love to be creative. They don’t, however, always love to eat the healthiest foods. We can put the food on their plates, but we can’t make them eat it. A little bit of added whimsy could make healthy eating fun for kids! Which means we might never have to force them to eat healthy again.

1. Zoku

My kids adore these ice pops, and the best part is, I can put whatever I want in them. Like last week, when my three-year-old was in desperate need of some fiber, I poured some apple juice into the Zoku cup and added some fiber powder, mixed it up, and made an ice pop. She ate it up and the problem was solved. But you can also add fresh fruit to the pops and basically any concoction you can think of to sneak healthy foods into a delicious treat. Plus, the ice pop molds come in some pretty awesome shapes.

2. Ezpz Happy Mats

This twist on child’s plates and bowls is perfect for kids who make a huge mess of their dinner. Happy mats are BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free, and super fun. The mats suction to the table — which means kids can’t toss, push, or dump their dinner. And the separate spots for food means the peas never touch the potatoes.

3. Hog Wild Twirling Fork

For less mess, and that big kid “I can do it” feel, this twirling fork is perfect for eating spaghetti, even if it’s covered in healthy, messy sauce. Kids will love it and it will make meal time much easier.

4. Polar Ice Mold

If the kids won’t finish their milk, kick things up a notch with some fun ice shapes like these polar ice molds. Watch them float and sink.

5. MyDrinky

My daughter loves this juice/milk box holder from inchbug. She no longer squeezes the juice or milk all over herself. Plus, she’ll drink even the organic, healthier juices rather than steal her sister’s prescription juice boxes, like she loves to do. Every type of drink box can fit inside, and it’s super easy to use.

Kids can be stubborn, but when eating is fun, it makes all the difference.

Inchbug sent ParentingSquad a MyDrinky for review.

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