Does your little one have an autumn birthday? Fall is the perfect time of year to throw a festive and fun party, no matter what your child's age. The weather is still nice enough to enjoy the outdoors, and the fall colors make for a great backdrop for your festivities.

Fall's Finest

For all-around fall fun, stick with an autumn theme that focuses on the best parts of fall: bright colors, fun foods, and classic games. Include pumpkin carving or painting, bobbing for apples, and a treasure hunt for fall items such as acorns, pinecones, and orange leaves. For snacks and treats, go for pumpkin pie, apple pie, caramel apples, pumpkin cake, apple cider, maple flavored snacks, and favorite fall candies.

Costume Party

It's the perfect time of year to throw a costume party. Most of your child's friends will already have theirs picked out for Halloween, and they won't mind the chance to dress up as many times possible. Or, you can provide costumes and dress up items for your guests. You can serve fall favorites for snacks such as maple cookies, candy, or caramel apples or you can stick to your child's favorite birthday cake and ice cream. The décor can be spooky or festive, allowing you to create the perfect party for your little one.


Is your child a football fanatic? Then a football-themed party during football season is perfect. Guests can wear their favorite football team's gear and join in a game of tag football. For snacks and food, think tailgating and include "Pig-skins in a blanket", Gatorade, burgers, wings, and chips and dips galore. It's super easy to find football décor this time of year at your local party store or online.


What young child doesn't love farm animals? Turn her birthday party into a visit to your local farm this year. You could either visit the farm or turn your yard into a "farm" using toy horses or by renting ponies for the day. Provide hayrides and serve the usual fall fare of apples, a variety of pies, and cider. Decorate with scarecrows and haystacks. Serve cookies or cupcakes decorated with chickens, cows, and other barnyard favorites. And of course, play pin-the-tail on the donkey (or horse or cow or sheep).

Corn Maze

Older kids will enjoy heading to the local corn maze for an afternoon of fun. They can try to race their way out or enjoy getting lost in the tall corn. After everyone has found their way out, guests can feast on corn on the cob and other fall treats such as pie, popcorn, and cider. The farm where the party is located may even offer hayrides and pumpkin picking.

A festive fall birthday party is within reach this year. All children want to do is have fun with their friends. All you have to do is choose a fall theme your child will love and get creative.