If your home is anything like ours, it's overrun with toys. They are here, there and everywhere — especially in the areas where everyone walks. It's enough to start your own toy store.

And the recent holiday season probably only made it worse, as far flung family and friends showered your children with toys, both big and small. But all this clutter can lead to an epiphany — you need to downsize.

There are two steps — weeding out the old toys and putting certain toys away for a rainy day, effectively making them new all over again.

Here are a few tips to get your home more organized as you wade through a never-ending abyss of shiny things that make silly noises.

Clean House

There are toys that you — the parent — are attached to. "Oh, Johnny's grandmother gave him that toy on his first birthday," might be something that goes through your head, as you stare at a toy with significant sentimental value. It's fine to keep some special toys as mementos. And there are some toys that will cycle around again in style and coolness. For instance, my sons love playing with my Matchbox cars and my Star Wars figures, which are 30 years old. I bet there are a myriad of toys living in your basement or playroom that are covered in a pile of dust. Roll up your sleeves, dig in there and start eliminating toys that haven't been played with since the first Obama Administration.

Invest in Organization

Every big box store has organization options -- shelves, bins, boxes, storage cabinets. There are some great storage unit ideas at Ikea. Heck, you can go to a hardware store and make your own shelves to store toys. It does take time and bit of money to get this done but when you see how much cleaner and organized your home looks, it will be well worth it. The next step is to make sure that your organizational plan is easy to follow.

Keep 'Em Separated

We have a "Dude bin" in our playroom. This is the bin where all the dudes — superheroes, action figures and random toy soldiers — live. Both of our children know where it is and who goes in it. We have separate bins for trucks, dinosaurs, Legos, cars and games. Once you create separate bins — and you can further organize them by slapping a label on them — everyone involved in playing and cleaning up the toys will be able to easily tell what goes where and follow the system.

Baggies Rule

Puzzles are a wonderful way to teach our children problem-solving skills. But they are also a headache for parents who crave order. How many times have you moved a piece of furniture only to find half a dozen puzzle pieces hiding? A good tip is to try and secure each puzzle's pieces in a separate baggie to maintain order and keep the pieces where they belong — together with their friends.

Follow the Rules

Possibly the most important part of keeping your mountain of toys organized is to insist that your children follow a few simple rules. First, make sure that before a new toy comes out your children put away the toy they were just playing with. Also, cleaning up at the end of the day or before dinner is a must. If you demand organization and give yourself and your children the tools to create it, you will have a much greater chance of achieving it.