Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Have some fun with the kids this year by making one (or more) of these treats together. They make a perfect snack, a dessert worth eating veggies for, or a sweet surprise for schoolmates.

1. Valentine’s Brownies

These sweet brownies from Food Fun Life are so simple to make and the kids will love decorating them. Plus, the messier the better. These brownies will look amazing no matter how imperfect they are.

2. Chocolate Dipped Krispie Treats

Mel’s Kitchen Café offeres up this recipe that your kids will love just because of the dip factor. Heart-shaped krispie treats dipped in chocolate and sprinkles look as good as they taste.

3. Ice Cream Sandwiches

Kids love cookies and kids love ice cream. Don’t we all? These easy Valentine’s ice cream sandwiches from Sheek Shindigs are easy to make and fun to eat. Roll them in some Valentine’s sprinkles for extra love.

4. Swig Sugar Cookie

Kids love to make sugar cookies, and this recipe from The Butter Half will make it even more fun. A little bit of red food coloring will make the difference in turning these treats into Valentine’s Day yum.

5. Pink Donuts

Yes, please! We all love a good donut, so why not make them pink in honor of Valentine’s Day! And this recipe from Mom’s Best even includes Pop Rocks! How could you resist?

Valentine’s Day is all about sharing the love, and there’s no better way than quality time with your kids. Throwing some treats into the mix just sweetens that time up even more!