My girls love everything about sandwiches, but they prefer to pull them apart to eat them. It's messy, especially at school. Because of this, I do everything I can to avoid putting a sandwich in their lunchboxes. And do you know what they can't get enough of? Appetizers. And it turns out that isn't really a tall order.

Cheese and Crackers

Just a simple cracker with pepperoni and cheese can be the perfect lunch. Leave them separate so your child can either eat them alone or stack them however they feel like stacking them on that particular day.

Pigs in a Blanket

You can buy the prepackaged ones at the store or make your own at home. Either way, your children are likely to devour their lunches when the find these inside.

Mini Quiches

Whether your child prefers meat or not, you can buy or make mini quiches for her lunchbox. Simple, easy, (healthy if you make or buy the right ones), and fun makes these a great choice.

Chicken Spring Rolls

Veggie rolls or chicken rolls are great and unique choices for a lunchbox. You can buy them in bulk at many box stores to make it even easier to put lunch together for the kids.


Mozzarella and tomato bruschetta with a bit of basil is a great substitute for sandwiches. You can also just use some hummus.

It can be difficult to get children to eat protein along with veggies and fruits. But it's even more difficult when they go to school and you aren't there to make sure they eat what you packed for them. Stop tossing those perfectly good lunches that you work so hard on and try giving them what they want to eat while making it healthy for them too.