If your kids are anything like my kids, they love to do two things: be creative and spend time with you. Nothing sparks a child’s imagination like fairies. Are they real? What do they look like? Have some fun with your kiddos by making these adorable fairy gardens just in time for spring!

1. Fairy Kitchen Garden

This sweet fairy garden is perfect for the family who wants to also grow herbs. Empress of Dirt shows you how to make the adorable garden complete with wooden spoons for markers. Not only does making this garden help your child express her creative side, but it will also spark an interest in cooking and art.

2. Fairy in a Fishbowl

Most fairy gardens are built to be left outside, but this one is beautiful on a shelf inside your home. Pondered Primed Perfected shows you how to make an inexpensive garden using a fish bowl and other small items. Your kids will love this craft, and they’ll be proud of their contribution to your home’s décor.

3. The Broken Pot Garden

Got a broken plant pot or two? Don’t toss ‘em. Turn them into whimsical fairy gardens. These ideas from Bored Panda are sweet and fun and use otherwise useless items to create magical art that your kids will love.

4. The Birdhouse Garden

These are just too cute to scroll by. Ashley Hackshaw shares these sweet fairy gardens created using birdhouses. These fairy villages will allow each of your children to create his or her own fairy house and then combine them together for the ultimate fairy hangout.

5. Tree Stump Fairy Garden

Get creative with a nice tree in your yard, or a stump you haven’t gotten around to removing yet. Little Things helps you put the garden directly into nature. Plus, you can decorate it with the changing seasons and holidays and keep the fun going throughout the year.

Kids love fairy gardens, but parents secretly love them, too. Fairies make our wishes come true, so return the favor with a beautiful place for them to rest. 

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