This is a guest post by Julia Marchand, writer for TinyPrints 


If there's one thing that a mother-to-be feels (other than nausea), it's the urge to fluff and primp her baby's nest. Decorating a nursery is an important part of baby preparation, as it's likely that Mom won't feel ready until every pillow is in place and every onesie has been washed. For first-time moms, pulling it all together can seem especially intimidating. Here are a few tips to keep you on the right track for creating an inspiring space without getting overwhelmed:

1. Keep it Simple

Adjusting to a newborn’s schedule will leave you with very little time to tidy, and a messy atmosphere makes even the prettiest room feel ugly. Placing mostly essentials in the nursery minimizes the opportunity for messes to start, so instead of trying to fill out the room, make a list of the things that you absolutely need, then add in a few things you really want. Don’t forget that you’ll also be getting a lot of gifts, so make sure there’s space for them!

2. Consider Form and Function for Each Item

A place to change baby is a must, but you don’t have to buy a changing table. You could also look for a dresser that suits your taste and attach a changing pad on top. This offers more storage and it can grow with your child instead of being used only during diapering years.

3. Choose Décor Elements That Encourage or Exemplify the Traits You Want Your Child to Learn

When shopping, browse with your biggest hopes for the little one in mind. Buy or register for the pieces that you find most inspiring. We want our son to feel like the world is limitless, so we designed this “Dream Big” pillow for his nursery on (Don't leave pillows and blankets in the bed with the baby.) Pieces like this that offer customizable text are the perfect way to personalize a nursery and they make great shower gifts for mothers-to-be.

4. Plan Your Nursery Around One or Two Specific Things

Is there an art print (or anything!) that you have simply fallen in love with? Integrate its colors, theme or motifs into the rest of the room to pull everything together and elaborate on what you know you enjoy. This way, even the essential items will feel deliberate and cohesive. A crib, for instance, must be on your essentials list. Find one that fits with the accent pieces you chose or paint it (with non-toxic paint) to match.

5. Relax! If Your Nursery Isn’t Done By the Time Baby Arrives, it’s OK

Chances are he won’t be sleeping in there right away anyway! Plus, getting the chance to know your new family member as you add the final touches to his or her room will make it feel even more personal.

Enjoy this process of preparing a nursery for your new little one. As your baby grows, the world they see around them will impact the person they become. What values would you like them to acquire? Dream big!

Julia Marchand is a new mommy whose passion is living a handmade life. You can often find her in her New England home with baby in one hand and sewing needle in the other, as she crafts, upcycles, and decorates her life. She shares her creations by writing for TinyPrints, her favorite website for all types of personalized gifts and décor. You can follow Julia on Twitter @jeezejulia.