Spring is really my favorite season — the brighter days are such a welcome change after a dull gray winter! Involving kids in colorful craft activities is a fun way to welcome spring. Read on for 5 easy ideas that will help you spring into the season.

Make Beautiful Blooms

It may be a few weeks until flowers are ready to bloom inside, but you can craft a pretty bouquet! Look for soft, pliable materials: tissue paper, felt, fabric, or thin patterned paper. Encourage kids to experiment with cutting circles from their material, and then layer, twist, and fold into buds and blooms. Use pencils or plastic straws for stems.

Try Bird Crafts

Welcome birds with crafty bird feeders and birdhouses. Check out Bird Crafts for Spring. This is a great way to weave a wildlife lesson into a crafty activity! You can also pick up simple wooden birdhouses at your local crafts store and arm your kids with acrylic paint and brushes. Fiskars Crafts has a simple tutorial for combining painting and stamping.

Encourage Creative Games

Use patterned paper and cardstock to help your kids make fun and easy games. Whether they're making their own playing cards for a game of Go Fish or an easy Memory Game, kids will have fun using up colorful scraps of paper to create an afternoon of friendly competition.

Beautify With Butterflies

Remember fashioning butterflies out of tissue paper and pipe cleaners? This timeless craft is still a great choice for kids. For an even sturdier base, try using old-fashioned round top clothes pins. Paint black with acrylic paint, and then add colorful tissue paper wings. Drag out those pipe cleaners to create simple antennas.

Explore the Outdoors

Warm spring days are a great time to bring out the sidewalk chalk and turn the driveway into a crafty masterpiece. Want to start a sweet garden tradition? Build a fairy house and plan little spring surprises. Handmade kites are another way to bring creativity outdoors.

Spring is a great time to get the your creative juices flowing. Enjoy!