It's mid-summer, and the weather is heating up. It's so hot that my husband was begging for a larger kiddie pool the other day. Apparently, the sprinkler wasn't cutting it. If you're trying to beat the heat without breaking the bank, here are some fun, cheap ways to cool off.

1. A Larger Kiddie Pool

Think of it as a family pool, only kid-size. These Intex pools have been a big hit this summer, so much so that they've actually been hard to find. But stores like BJs and Walmart do have some in stock that you can order ahead of time and pick up for free. You may not want the hassle or safety concerns of an actual pool, but you still want to cool off with the kids. This pool is the perfect marriage.

2. Water Balloon Fight

Your kids are going to love this, and you will, too. Not only will it be a good bonding and laughing opportunity for you and the kids, but you'll all get some exercise in, despite the heat levels.

3. A Cool Bath

If your kids are too small for a pool, consider making them a cool bath to play in. They love bath time already, so why not make it even more fun by tossing in some of their beach toys. 

4. Make Your Own Icepops

If your freezer is empty, you don't have to go to the store to make your own frozen treats. Even if you're fresh out of popsicle sticks, just pour some lemonade or your child's favorite juice box into a cup and freeze. They can spoon it out like an Italian Ice!

5. Break out the Hose

Don't have a sprinkler? That's okay, since kids break them anyway. Just use the nozzle on a somewhat gentle setting and chase the kids around spraying them. But don't forget to make it fair and let them each get a turn chasing you with the hose, too!

Summer only last a few months. Get out of the air conditioning and have some fun in your yard with the kids!